Welcome!  And congratulations on taking a step towards restoring your foreskin!  So many men, worldwide have been impacted both psychologically and physically by this barbaric practice.  Emotional scars, physical scars and sexual dysfunction.  I've heard those words uttered time and time again from others who have suffered the ill effects of male circumcision.  And I've uttered them a time or two myself.  So I decided to do something about it.  For the past 10 years I have experimented with method after method and device after device in my quest to restore my foreskin.  And all of my hard work and research has finally paid off, in the form of the HART.  Finally a foreskin restoration method that is safe, sanitary, discrete, easy to use and designed so that a TIGHT cut can use it!!


What is a tight cut?


Some men are "cut" so tightly when they are circumcised that they have little to no loose skin on the shaft of their penis.  Meaning that even when flaccid, you do not have enough skin to pull over the head of your penis.  The HART and other popular foreskin restoration devices utilize the "Dual Tension Tugging" method of stretching the foreskin.  This was difficult to impossible for the tight cut to use....until now!!!


What is the HART?

The HART is a "Dual Tension Tugging" device, or D.T.T.  All current D.T.T devices on the market are in the "tugging" category.  Tugging is the foreskin restoration method that has been the standard for over a decade.  When it comes to foreskin restoration, we all need both inner and outer skin.  The beauty of "dual tension" is that as you are promoting outer skin growth, you are also stimulating inner skin growth as well!


How does it work?


The HART works by applying a constant amount of tension on the shaft skin, which fools the body into thinking it needs more room.  This process has been standard in the medical field for decades.  It is called "mitosis" or "cell division".  Over time the body will regenerate enough extra skin to cover the head of your penis.  You determine how much coverage you want to have.


Why choose the HART?


Price - We are the LOWEST priced dual tension device on the market!


Quality - High quality, MEDICAL GRADE materials, machined to precise                                tolerances!


Service - Have a concern or a question?  Email me and I will provide you with                         timely, detailed response!


Shipping - Shipping is included in the price for my U.S. customers!


   Thanks for stopping by!  100% customer satisfaction is my goal!!


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