Foreskin restoration is the process of promoting the new growth of skin on the penile shaft in order to cover the head of your penis, thereby restoring the foreskin that was removed. Circumcision removes the frenar band, the ridged band, and all or a part of the frenulum.  Foreskin restoration CANNOT replace the missing structures.  It CAN however create slack skin that covers and protects the head of the penis to keep if from becoming keratinized (calloused) much like the original foreskin.  Restoring sensitivity to the head of the penis and even a sense of well being in those who have suffered psychological damage due to being circumcised are just a few benefits.  Restoration can be accomplished by both surgical and non-surgical methods.  We will focus on the non-surgical methods on this website.

Non-surgical foreskin restoration is accomplished by stretching both the outer skin of the penile shaft and the inner lining of the foreskin, if any remains after circumcision.  This is accomplished by one or more of the following methods:

Tugging Devices

Tugging is a foreskin restoration method that works by applying tension to the outer penile skin as a way to promote skin growth.  This stimulates the body's ability to grow new tissue (mitosis) and one is able to regrow almost all that was removed by circumcision.  It is typically done by way of an elastic leg strap pulling down on the penile skin which is the source of tension.  There are many ways of doing this from the use of taping the skin (T-tape) to some sort of tapeless device like a tugger.

Dual Tension 

Dual Tension is a foreskin restoration method that is used to stimulate inner skin growth in addition to outer skin growth while tugging.  It is done by applying downward pressure on the head of the penis.  Usually with some sort of bowl-shaped cup on a rod in addition to tugging.

Manual Tugging  

Manual tugging is the process of regrowing your foreskin by manually pulling the penile shaft skin over the head of your penis and holding it there for a set amount of time each day.


T-taping is a method of foreskin restoration that involves using medical grade tape and an elastic band.  The tape is attached to the penile skin in a certain way and clipped to an elastic band to apply tension. 

For more information on foreskin restoration, I recommend visiting the following website:

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