There are many reasons why men chose to restore their foreskin.  Both psychological and physical.  It is a journey.  Aesthetics and sexual pleasure are two of the main physical reasons men choose to restore.  And I will be focusing on them in this section.  On what was lost and what can be restored.  

Anatomy Of An Uncircumcised Penis

1.  Foreskin Outer Surface

2.  Meatus - Opening of the urethra.

3.  Glans - Head of penis.

4.  Frenulum - The membrane attaching the foreskin to the glans and  shaft of the penis.  It is richly endowed with nerves.  Often only a remnant of the frenulum is left after circumcision.  Many men consider this their "G spot".

5.  Foreskin's Inner Surface

6.  Ridged Band - A zone of corrugated tissue running from the frenulum, around the inside of the foreskin close to the preputial sphincter and back to the frenulum.  It lies between the outer skin and the smooth band.  It is richly endowed with nerves.

What will I gain by restoring my foreskin?

In a word....SENSITIVITY.  Unfortunately restoration cannot bring back the ridged band.  It can however bring back immense sensitivity to your glans, thereby making sex much more enjoyable.  Once you have regained enough skin to cover the head of your penis, the callous that has formed from years of being exposed, will slowly peel off.  Restoring the moisture and sensitivity the head of the penis was meant to have.  A restored foreskin will also have the look and feel of a natural foreskin.  Thereby restoring a sense of wholeness and empowerment by being able to regain what was taken from us at birth.

How much coverage will I get from my regrown foreskin?

How much coverage you get from your regrown foreskin will be determined by the length of time you restore.  Coverage is measured by the Coverage Index or CI, and goes from 1 to 10.  With CI-1 being no coverage and CI-10 being full coverage, with extra foreskin, when erect.  Check out for an informative Foreskin Index Chart that will show you where you are at currently and will help you determine where you would like to be.  

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